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3 Tip Thursday!

Well the work week is almost coming to an end and we are lucky enough to have some “beautiful” warm & sunny weather here in Florida for the next several days!  =)  

I am not by any means trying to rub this in to those of you that live in the rest of the country and are still dealing with very cold temperatures/bad weather right now! 

It is just that Winter (end of Fall/beginning of Spring) is pretty much our best season her in Florida. 

As I am sure you can imagine our Summer’s can be very brutal so when it is really cold here in the Winter it is almost like Summer all over again for us as we are once again stuck inside!

My morning wasn’t quite on time as my daughter had some last-minute math homework to do that we both forgot about, so while she was doing that I decided to eat a bowl of mini-frosted shredded wheat with 2% milk and a side of orange juice for breakfast.   


I also stopped at 7-Eleven for a cup of coffee as I was out of cream at work and I just cannot have coffee with cream, YUCK!  I poured myself a 16oz cup of their hazelnut brewed coffee then added some half & half and 3 splendas….just the way I like it!  =)  


Then just before noon time I had a slice of Hawaiian Pizza left over from yesterday for Lunch #1.

Lunch #1

Lunch #2 came around 3pm and was a bowl of tuna with a little mayo and 1/2 a diced apple mixed in, minus the bread as I was trying to make up for the pizza I ate earlier.   

Lunch #2

 After work I headed straight to the gym and completed the following:  

  • 10 minutes of abs
    • bicycle
    • but lifts
    • leg lifts
    • stability ball crunches 
    • vertical leg crunches
  • 20 minutes of lower body toning
    • lunges (2 sets of 20)
    • squats (2 sets of 20) 
    • inner thigh machine(2 sets of 20) 
    • outer thigh machine (2 sets of 20) 
  • 21 minute 2 mile run
    • 5.7mph to start& for 18 minutes
    • 5.8-5.9, 1 minute
    • 6.0 – 6.2, 1 minute
    • 6.2 – 7.5, 1 minute

Once I left the gym I picked up my daughter and headed home to make dinner, which was left over spaghetti for the hubby and a thrown together southwest salad for myself.  


 A shower followed dinner of course as it was needed badly and then some t.v. time with the hubby before we headed to bed early just after 10pm.  



 Since last month I have followed Health magazines FGW article and wanted to share it with you along with their plan I found online as there were tons of great TIPS that I found!   

Check out their plan below:  


About the Plan

Wouldn’t you love to wear your favorite jeans with confidence? Or spend the holiday season in that shapely little black dress? With Health’s Feel Great Weight Plan (FGW), you will.  

You’ll get expert-designed, real-woman-tested meals, and workouts to get you fit, slim, and feeling more confident.  

What’s our approach? A 100% free, proven diet plan anyone can use. Simply print out our great daily menus and kick-butt (but easy-to-do) workouts, and get started today.  

Have questions? Need advice or support? We’re here for you. That’s right, Health staffers are following the plan too. Connect with us and fellow FGW dieters by joining our brand-new Feel Great Weight social network. (It’s mobile-friendly, too!)  

Together, we’ll lose a ton while having fun!  

Get started in two easy steps:  

1. Click here to download the FGW plan (PDF format)  

2. Click here to join the FGW social network  


Feel Great Weight

Fear No Cravings
Go ahead – have that cookie!  Here’s why indulging a little is actually a weigh-loss weapon.
YOU KNOW what a craving feels like:  that manic moment when the devil on one shoulder swoops over to sucker-punch the angel on the other, demanding something salty-sweet-forbidden right now.  But, believe it or not, it is possible to master your hankerings.  Registered dietitian Marissa Lippert is here ot show you-and our Feel Great Weight women-how to enjoy your gotta-have foods and stay on track.
Fatou Kine Dieye: 33, Architect and director of graduate-student affairs at Columbia University
Height: 5′ 10 1/2″
Goal weight: 165 lbs

Her cravings:
“Pastries, cakes, pies……I like sweet stuff!”  

The fix: Your best bet-surprise!- is to go for the good stuff, or you’ll drive yourself carzy with depivation.  Two or three times a week, have a dessert that really does it for you.  “It’s all about having the real thing, but occasionally and in small quantities,” Lippert says.  If you try to scratch that itch with “light” versions, you won’t really be satisifed, she warns.  Some worth while goodies?  Full-fat ice cream, a thin slice of banana-walnut bread or 2 to 3 squares of dark chocolate with 70 percent cocoa content or higher.  On days when you’re not indulging, load up on foods that are naturally sweet like pineapple, apples, bananas, watermelon or 1/2 cup of trail mix with almonds an dried fruit.  “Unlike the FAKE stuff, those snacks will help alleviate your sweet cravings overall,” Lipper says.  


Deanna Verbouwens: 39, Stay-at-home mom
Height: 5′ 3″
Goal weight: 145 lbs   

Her craving:
“The week before my period I long for carbs and everthing salty!”  

The fix: “When your hormones are out of whack, it can affect your cravings,” Lippert confirms.  Here’s how to manage them.  The next time you have your monthly yen for friese or Doritos, reach instead for a dozen or so small honey-whole-wheat pretzels with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 4 cups of air-popped popcorn with a little salt and grated Parmesan cheese or 1 1/2 cup of edamame with a pinch of sea salt.  Another way to survive PMS?  Make sure to give your taste buds their salty treat before you’ve worked yourself into a feeding frenzy.  If you wait until your cravings hit, you’re more likely to really go off the rails when you finally do give in, Lippert says.  


Alanna Campbell: 27, Associate producer-director for sports television
Height: 6′ 0″
Goal weight: 170 lbs   

Her craving:
“At night, I’ll be watching TV and want something to nosh on!”  

The fix: It’s OK to give yourself a nibble, Lippert says-just do it at the same time every night.  “When it’s part of your routine, you’re less likely to get out of control,” she explains.  Aim for a 100-to-150-calorie treat five nights a week, with a 200-to-300-calorie indulgence the other two nights.  One caveat: You must put whatever it is onto a plate or into a bowl.”  That’s your treat, and when you’re done, you’re done,” Lippert says.  And no more nibbling mindlessly while your reall attention is focused on 30 Rock, either.  Switch off the TV, “sit down and really focus on how the food tastes – it’ll be more satisfying,” Lipper says.  A couple of no-guilt nibbles to try: low-fat frozen yogurt with berries or a few whole-grain crackers and a slice of cheese.  For a splurge snack, enjoy a small cupcake or brownie, or a small portion of French fries.  

NEXT POST: Caitlin’s Iron Pumping Challenge & J-Just say “moo”. 

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    Such great tips! Thanks for sharing!!

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