Yes, I gained a few pounds….

…….over the holiday season!!!  =( 


However, I am not getting down about it as it was literally only a “few” pounds, 3 to be exact as I was at 141 pounds right before the holiday’s hit and am at 144 pounds now so I not beating myself up about it for these reasons below: 

  • I actually Lost “1”Pound during the 1st part of December, I know it was only 1 pound but how many people can actually say they lost weight during the month of December so I was happy with it!
  • I took 2 Weeks Off from the Gym & Running, during Christmas & New Years week in light of the busy holiday season & my knee hurting a lot.
  • I pretty much ate what I wanted during the last 2 weeks of December!  So I knew I would put on a bit, however I honestly did not care as it was the holiday’s and I deserved to splurge a bit…..=)
  • I know once I am “Back On Track” eating/gym/running wise I will bounce back (the pounds will go down on the scale) quickly!

On to my eats for the day (Wednesday, 1/6/10)

My step-son, Tori, departed back home to Montreal, Canada today so I made him a huge plate of chocolate chip pancakes (used the same picture as when I made them on Christmas Day as my hubby accidently erased the pic I took of them, they looked pretty much the same just not as much sryup this time as below) for breakfast before we left for the airport and I of course couldn’t resist having some myself as they are my FAVORITE!  =) 


And, yes they were VERY GOOD!!!  

Lunch came once I got to work after his flight took off and was a big bowl of the chili that I made on Tuesday………=)  


After arriving home I quickly whipped up dinner as the hubby was starving.  We had pork chops, with a baked potato and corn on the cop


I then took a HOT shower and got all bundled up in my warm cloths as it was “freezing” in my house because my heating isn’t working right now, but I honestly do not mind too much as we have a space heater and I like the fact that I will be saving some $$$ on our electric bill this month!  

***Stay tuned for 2010 Goals that I am currently putting the final touches on and should be posting soon!  =) 




Your A-to-Z Guide to a Flat Belly 


C-Coconut oil. 

Brazilian researchers found that obese women who dieted, exercised, and took a 30-milliliter supplement of coconut oil every day carved more inches from their waistlines than did women who dieted and exercised but took soybean oil. (Just choose the virgin, or unprocessed, form of coconut oil.) 

  1. January 7, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    I gained 3 pounds over the Holidays, but Im happy it wasn’t any more than that. hahah, I had waffles fore breakfast today and chili for lunch…yumm.

    • January 8, 2010 at 1:00 am

      Yummy, yeah I am ok with the slight weight gain that I am sure will be gone by the end of the month…….then I will be hitting it hard so I can start losing some poundage again! =)

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