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Thank gosh its…..

……Thursday, 12/17/09 & my last day of work until next week (4 day weekend, YEAH)!!!  So even though work was CRAZY BUSY today I am in a good mood!  =)

I heated a really yummy warm bowl of instant high-fiber maple brown sugar oatmeal with 1/2 a diced apple mixed in for breakfast this morning after I got to work.


Than I had the chance to get out of the office for a little bit around noon to have lunch with my friend Laura who works in close by.  We went for pizza and I had one with lots of veggies.


Just before quiting time I snacked on a nosugaradded low-fat peach yogurt.


I was scheduled to do to the gym after work, however due to lots of traffic & bad weather my mom couldn’t make it in time to pick up my daughter so I ended doing so and skipping the gym.  =(

In light of tough time getting home, as I didn’t get home until late as well do to the weather, it became a “drive thru” night for dinner and Burger King was the picked.  I had 1/2 of my husbands chicken sandwhich.


T.V. time followed dinner and then bed a bit early as I was very tired after my busy day!_____________________________________________________________________________________________


Eat What You Want* and Still Lose Weight! 


With some advance plannin, even the most decadent buffet can become a diet do.  The first step: surveying your options.  According to a recent study form University of Pennsylvania, people tend to under-estimate how much they consume when they’re given a variet of foods.  Before you belly up to the table, peruse the entire spread so you know exactly what you have to choose from.  Then go back and, instead of tasting everything, help yourself to just three or four things that catch your eye.

“The best tactic is to opt for special dishes that you love and can get only during the holidays, like your mom’s honey-glazed ham or Aunt Susie’s macroni & cheese (for me this is my Cousin Nikki’s dish, she makes the best Mac & Cheese) and savor every single bite,” says Bermudez.  And because it takes at least 20 minutes for a feeling of fullness to set in, swap memories with your sister or slowly sip a glass of water before going back to the table for a second helping or dessert.

Weekend Take Dainty Bites

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