No Presents Yet!!!

Ok, I did not plan it this way, however certain circumstances out of my control have left me with not even “1” purchased present to date or under our tree for that matter on this Tuesday, 12/15/09!!!  =O 

I am planning to start my shopping this Friday as I took a PTO (Personal Time Off) day from work to do just that as my daughter will be at school and my hubby will be at work, so the tree should look less bare, underneath, in a few days!!!  =) 

Ok, onto my eats for the day……..I once again had a bowl Raisin Bran Extra with 2% milk and a glass of orange juice for breakfast


Around mid-morning I snacked on an apple and some chocolate covered cherries from Harry & David


And, just after noon I had lunch as I was “starving”.  I once again had 1/2 a stuffed green pepper……do you see a trend this week!?!? 


Than just like yesterday I had snack #2 around 3pm, which consisted of 1/2 of the below Moose Munch.  I only ate 1/2 as I started to feel guilty about eating it and it was a bit sweet too.  

Snack #2

 After work I headed straight to the gym and did the following: 

  • 10 Min. of Abs (leg lifts, sides w/ball & crunches)
  • 20 Min. of Upper Body Weight Machines (back, biceps, chest & triceps)
  • 30 Min. of Cardio
    • 21 minute, 2 mile run (5.7mph – 7.5mph)
    • 9 minute, “cool down” walk

I got home just before 7pm and quickly whipped up dinner, which was spaghetti sauce w/hamburger meat, that I made yesterday, mixed in with whole-wheat pasta with a side salad


 A “much needed” shower followed dinner, then a dog walk and some t.v. time before bed time at 12pm again, just can’t seem to get to bed early these days. 




While at the gym tonight I read a very good article in my December 2009 SHAPE magazine issue called “eat what you want*” that I wanted to share with you all as it had lots of good tips for holidays!!! 


Go ahead, have the stuffing and the pumpkin pie.  With these 9 strategies, you can celebrate the season without feeling deprived – – and may even drop 5 punds in the process! 

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, but for many weight conscious women, they’re anything but merry.  That’s because they spend the five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s naviagting a dietary minefiled, dodging festive yet fattening foods, like sugar cookies, pecan pie, and butter mashed potatoes.  “But depriving yourself will only leave you feeling frustrated”, says Sharon Richter, R.D., a dietitia in New York City.  “Eventually you’ll give in, and that one taste of stuffing will lead to a second and a third helping.”  In fact, a recent study in the journal of Appetite found that women who followed strict diets were more vulnerable to tempation – and weight gain –  than those who indulged on occasion! 

So this year, we’re suggesting a novel new mind-set that will benefit your waistline and sanity:  Eat the foods you love!  The trick, of course, is to indulge in moderation!!!  

Follow these simple rules for shoring up your willpower and curbing your appetite and you’ll be able to relax and truly enjoy yourself at those seasonal soirees – and develop habits you can use all year long.  In addition to fending off winter weight gain, you just may get a jump-start on your 2010 slim-down resolution. 


Skipping lunch and your afternoon snack to save up calories for a night of feasting may seem like a smart move, but it almost always backfires! 

 “When you show up to a party ravenous, you’re more likely to make unhealthy choices and wolf down your food,” says Debbie Bermudez, R.D., senior clinical dietitan at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans.  To fill up – and still leave room for dinner – Bermudez recommends eating a light lunch packed with protein and fiber, like half a turkey sandwhich with a cup of broth-based soup or a green salad topped with beans or tofu. 

Then, about an hour before the event, take the edge off your hunger with a 100-to-150 calorie snack, like string cheese and a few crackers, half of an energy bar or even one of those small oatmeal-raisin cookies from the office treat table. 

 Another option:  Stash a Granny Smith in your bag to crunch on your way there.  In a new study form Penn State, women who ate an apple before a pasta dinner consumed 15 percent less – about 187 fewer calories – than those who sipped on juice.  “Because high-fiber apples pass slowly through your digestive system, you stay satisfied far longer,” says lead study author Julie Obbagy, Ph.D, R.D. 

Smart Cocktail Picks 

  • Olives (5 Large) – 25 calories, 3 grams of fat
  • Shrimp Coctail (4 Shrimp & 1 Tbsp. Cocktail Sauce) – 72 calories, 4 grams of fat
  • Bruschetta (1 Slice) – 130 calories, 8 grams of fat
  • Chicken Satay (1 Skewer) – 135 caloires, 5 grams of fat

TomorrowChew While You Chop

  1. Jenny
    December 17, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    I am finally done with my shopping–love the online stores!! I am finding it hard lately to stay away from the snack table at work with all the goodies that keep piling up!! I am trying to eat healthy and exercise, but it is so hard around all the sweets!!!

    • December 17, 2009 at 6:40 pm

      Still NO shopping done yet, but will be starting tomorrow!!! =) I am doing good on the snacks, we don’t have much let in the office now and I am over sweets stuff (for now)! =O

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