The Salvation Army ~ Angel Tree

Yeah, it is Friday, December 11th!!!  =)  And, it is The Salvation Army ~ Angel Tree day in my office. 

The Salvation Army ~ Angel Tree

The Salvation Army ~ Angel

This basically means all the GIFTS (cloths and/or toys) that were collected in my building for the “Angels”, which each have a child (various ages) listed along with their cloth/shoe size and toy they would like for Christmas listed on each are dropped off in our office for distribution to The Salvation Army!  

Check out all the gifts we have gotten so far, only 20 away from our goal and those should arrive next week.  If you can believe it most of the below arrived throughout the day, my office was overflowing into the hall as you can see below. 

Angel Tree Gifts In My Office!

Angel Tree Gifts In The Hallway!

We do this every year in my office and every year I am AMAZED on how generous everyone is, did you see the two brand new bikes!  =O  This event always gets me into the  holiday season and keeps me smiling all day!  =) 

I ate lots of “yummy” food today! 

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with a glass of orange juice


I than had an apple for a mid-morning snack


Than at 1pm my friend, Kelly, met me at my office for lunch and we both had a yummy & warm bowl of corn chowder soup.  I then enjoyed 1/2 of the BBQ chicken flatbread you see below. 




On the way back to my office we ran into a girl who asked us for “food” for her and her toddler son so we gave her our leftovers and my friend, Kelly, a social worker gave her some $$$ and told her to please use it for food and go to a shelter near by.  

 The end of the day came quite quickly.  After leaving work I picked up the little one and stopped at the grocery store for dinner stuff and made pizza once I got home.


T.V. time followed dinner until late at night when I woke up asleep on the couch around 2am.  Oh, and I did have one and a 1/2 Christmas Cookies around 10pm.




Eat, Drink, and Still Shrink (continued) 

At the Office

The kitchen is a dumping ground for the goodies your coworkers don’t want in their homes. A trip to the coffeemaker has never been so dangerous, with snickerdoodles and lemon bars (both around 140 calories) lurking on every counter. Don’t be fooled by your boss’s seemingly innocuous slivers of chocolate fudge; the rich bites pack nearly 120 calories per ounce. 

Trim Tactics

Ditch your desk. Squeezing in a lunchtime workout helps Christine Plasterer, 32, an editor in Stafford, Virginia, sidestep the sweets. “If I’ve made the effort to go to the gym, I think twice before making a bad food choice afterward,” she says. 

Enlist a diet cop. Josephine Geraci, 44, an entrepreneur in Lloyd Neck, New York, sends her friend Victoria a daily e-mail detailing her diet slipups; her pal does the same. “Knowing I’ll have to spill the beans makes me reconsider splurging,” Josephine explains. 

Play the waiting game. Lori MacGregor, 33, a public relations director in Los Angeles, doesn’t let herself snag a sugar cookie until 3 or 4 p.m. “If I wait until the afternoon, everything looks picked over and stale — and way less tempting,” she says. 

Over the weekend:  At a Party

  1. December 13, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    I love the ditch the desk idea for lunchtime. This saved me when I still had an office job.

  2. December 14, 2009 at 5:31 am

    lol I’m always wanting a lil snack before bed.Your pizza looks good too!
    So far, we’ve done good with avoiding office goodies. I actually went to the grocrey store for fruits and 100 cal packets of crackers for the office! yay

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