Jury Duty

So for the 1st time in over 10 years I received a Jury Summons in the mail last month for today, December 9, 2009!   

Last time I was summons I was able to get out of it as I moved to a different county within my city, however this time I could not get out of it and honestly I did not mind as I thought it might be an interesting experience and I have always “loved” Law & Order, though I know of course it is much different from in real life!  

In light of the above my morning was a bit different as I had to be at the Court House by 8am in the morning.  Since that is usually when I drop my daughter off at the bus stop I knew other arrangements would have to be made so I ask her friends mom if she could go to school with her so I wouldn’t be late.   

So I dropped her off there and was lucky enough to get breakfast from my daughters friends mom, Kelly, who has become a good friend of mine and is the sweetest.  She sent me off with a cup of coffee with a really good white chocolate creamier mixed in and 2 homemade pumpkin muffins that I ate & drank on the way.  


To my surprise I arrived early to the Court House and made it in to the building just a few minutes before 8am.  We (me & the other 700+ Jurors) waited in the Juror Room for about an hour, I guess to make sure everyone arrived & got checked in, before we got our instructions and they started calling Jurors to go upstairs for Jury Selection.  My number wasn’t called on the 1st round but it was during the 2nd round, in which they called a total of 40 Jurors in all and I knew it must be a “Criminal” case as they usually want a larger selection of Jurors to question for their case and once we got upstairs and were sat in the Court Room I heard that I was correct as the case we were called on was a Criminal Case with 3 Charges (Attempted Murder, Battery & Robbery)!  

We, all 40 Jurors, were questioned by the Judge & both attorneys for about 2 hours before they finally made the selections for “8” Jurors to judge the case just before noon.  And, to my HUGE surprise I was called to be one of the “8” Jurors on the case!  =O  

After announcing the Jurors the judge let us break for lunch so I walked down to my office as I needed to check on some things at work and I also grabbed 1/2 a chicken Cesar wrap & bowl of tomato soup on the way for lunch (sorry no picture as I left my camera in the car a I did not think I could take it in the courthouse), than whoofed it down in my office before I rushed to head back before 1:30pm.  

I arrived just before 1:30pm as I almost ran in “high heels” to the Court House (OUCH) and the case begun, below is a little run down on the case for you:  

  • Defendant is charged with attempted murder, battery & theft against the victim who we found out is a “7” convicted felon himself and currently in jail, was wearing jail attire during his testimony.
  • Victim is accusing the defendant of robbing him at gun point during a gambling session in one of the not so greats parts of Orlando and then when the victim tried to escape on foot from the defendant the victim states that he shot him 3 times in the back, which we saw on the victim during his testimony.
  • There was no “solid” evidence in the case, only several recovered shell casings.  2 of the bullets that were shot into the victims back were still there as if removed it could do damage and the 1 that was removed was never recovered by the police department.
  • No witnesses would testify, only the victim who due to his criminal history was not the most reliable as you might have guessed.
  • We did hear testimonies from a two detectives and crime scene unit about the case, however since the case happened over a year ago they only remembered what was in the reports and evidence. 
  • The 2nd “main” detective on the case did not get to finish as he made a mistake and said something he shouldn’t about the defendant, basically that he showed the victim “Mug Shots” indicating to us as the Jury that the defendant had a past criminal history which we were not supposed to know, so they had to call a Mis-Trial in light of that.

So we were sent home just before 5pm, which I didn’t mind as I really can’t afford to miss another day of work, however I was also a bit disappointed as I was enjoying seeing the legal process…….but I do not think I would have enjoyed trying to make a decision in the case! 

Oh, I almost forgot, while in the Juror Room during the above I did snack on a pear


 After leaving the Court House I stopped to get gas, was on “E”, than I swung by the grocery store for some much-needed items and then I picked up my daughter from her friend’s house and headed home. 

Once at home I quickly whipped up some burritos for dinner, I had a little one loaded with veggies on top. 


I did snack on a small Christmas Cookie & one piece of chocolate covered peanuts from my friend Kelly, who always sends me home with goodies after dinner…..forgot  picture! 

The rest of the night went by with a flash and I literally passed out on the couch around 1opm! 



Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

  • Don’t go to a party hungry: we often eat faster and more when we are hungry – therefore eat a wholesome breakfast and lunch on the day to avoid overeating at the party.
  • Watch your portion: treat yourself a nice drink, dessert, chocolate or sweets without guilt, but always watch your portion.  Go for small portions. This way you can sample all the different foods. Moderation is always the key.
  • Make a conscious choice to limit high fat items: high fat food items can be found in fried food, cream-based soup, cheese-filled casseroles, pies, processed meats such as salami and sausages, some pastries and baked goods.
  • Try different versions of egg nog: traditional egg nog is usually made with egg yolk and thick cream. Google “low fat egg nog” and you will find lots of low fat egg nog recipes. If you buy commercial egg nog, you will be delighted to find low-fat or fat-free egg nog out there – we can even find soy nog!
  • Try other versions of alcohol: instead of beer, cider, Bailey’s and Kahlua, try dry wine, Bloody Marys or spirits with diet mixer which have fewer calories. Remember: Calories from alcohol tend to be stored in the abdomen. People who are overweight actually gain weight more easily when they consume alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of water: alcohol and coffee can dehydrate your body.
  • Physical activity: take nice brisk walks with your loved ones and enjoy their company in the holiday season.
  1. December 10, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Wow, one of my besties has been picked 4 years in a row..they love him. He never gets chosen either. I’m still waiting for the day I get summoned..Not! lol

    • December 10, 2009 at 7:54 pm

      I was in shock when they picked me to be a Juror on the case out of 40 other Jurors!!! I actually found it very interesting, as I have always loved the whole “law” process. =)

  2. December 11, 2009 at 4:03 am

    I just found your blog, congratulations on such a huge accomplishment! I am a mom and have a career so I know how hard it is to juggle everything…you have a very inspiring “about” page!!

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