Tummy Ache…..=(

My Monday, 12/8/09 did not go quite as planned as my little one still had a “tummy ache” that began yesterday and was threw up after eating breakfast so no work for me today! 

In light of the change of schedule I ate a bowl of frosted mini-wheats with 2% milk and a glass of orange juice and then later a cup of coffee for breakfast this morning at the dining table while checking my work email and working on my weekend post. 





I spent the better 1/2 of the a.m. on the computer and watching a movie with my daughter.  Than I did some “much-needed” ironing and a load of laundry.  

Before I knew it my husband was home and it was time for lunch.  I made myself a small plate of red pepper humus with whole-wheat pita chips and veggies on the side.  The little one got chicken noodle soup and the husband ate a sandwich I made him last night. 



The rest of the afternoon was spent running a few errands, chatting with the hubby, checking on the little one that finally started to feel better and was eating more.  Than in the late afternoon I decided to tackle the Christmas Tree Lights, which ended up being a little less time-consuming as I only had 1 strand of lights that worked to put on the tree though I did spend some time re-arranging the lights on the tree so there weren’t to many holes. 

Christmas Tree Lights


Dinner was bbq chicken wings with rice, baked beans and broccoli….that I am happy to say was a big hit with both of my PICKY EATERS!!!  =) 



I spent the rest of my evening watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, while the husband was on his computer and the little one was sleeping.  All and all this “off schedule” day was very nice………=) 




I saw an article titled Success Secrets! in my Health December 2009 magazine that I wanted to share with everyone, check out the “slimming tips” that worked for Health readers below: 


“I spent hours in the local Barnes & Noble, at the library, and online looking up everything from weight-loss exercises to the actual chemistry of the body.  It was like the blinders were taken off.  Now I finally understand how my body works – – – it’s kep me motivated.” 


“Substitute vegetables (like asparagus, broccoli & cauliflower) instead of pasta in dishes, and have just veggies with the sauce.  It fills you up for way fewer calories and adds more fiber to your diet – and you still get to enjoy the sauce.” 


“I try to only buy groceries that are on the sides of the supermarket (ME TOO!!!).  I learned this in a foods-and-nutrition class, and it really works.  All your produce, fresh meats, dairy, etc. are pretty much always on the outer aisles of the store.  I only go to the middle ones for what I absolutely need.” 


“Wear form-fitting clothing (like tight jeans) when you dine out. I’ve found that it’s a constant reminder of your weight-loss goals.” 


“Make water your best friend; it keeps you full and gives you flawless skin.” 


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