Rain, Rain Go Away!!!

Well yesterdays rain and cold temperatures trickled into today, Saturday, 12/5/09!    

Now, this weather is great for getting me (and my husband too) into the Holiday Spirit as this is the closest we are going to get to SNOW, however I only wished it arrived the week of Christmas and not this weekend as my daughter was supposed to go camping tonight with my parents and I do not think that is going to happen now.    

And, rain + cold do not = good conditions for the Saturday morning run I had scheduled……..so I decided not to go and to clean the house instead, which it really needed as I only did a little cleaning last weekend.  I also decided to tackle the piles of laundry I had too and get them out-of-the-way as I am hoping to try to put up our Christmas Tree tomorrow that typically takes a few hours (fake tree) to do and it would be best if I did not have to many other things to do so I can focus on it.   

Before cleaning I ate a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat with 2% milk and a banana for breakfast.   


So my daughter did not end up going camping but the grand parents took her and the rest of the grandkids to Nick Hotel instead and I can not tell you how happy she was to find that out.  My mom came to get her around noon and said that she would drop her off tomorrow around the same time.  Guess you know what that means!?!?!  Yep, you guessed it……………Adult Time, just me and the hubby for a whole 24 hours!  =O   

Me and the hubby decided to go out and do a bit of shopping and stopped at our favorite Chinese Restaurant for their lunch specials, which are 1/2 the price of dinner, thus affordable!  I had the following (sorry forgot camera):   

  • Wanton Soup w/crispy crackers
  • White rice w/beef & vegetables
  • Egg Roll

I suddenly got seriously FULL after eating all my soup and 1/2 of my lunch so I took the rest home in a doggie bag for tomorrows lunch.   

A quick stop by the grocery store for some much-needed FOOD occurred on the way home after lunch and then we bundled up in the house for the rest of the cold night (45 degrees, cold for Florida), made Pizza for dinner and watched the Finale of the “UFC’s Ultimate Fighter” together!   


After eating a 4th of the above I mixed myself up a nice cup of homemade Peppermint Hot Chocolate by preparing instant Milk Chocolate with water and then mixing in pieces of Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark while it was still hot so it melted nicely, it was just as I hoped and so much cheaper than Starbucks version!  =)  

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Of course on our Adult Only Night we feel asleep on the couch while watching t.v., so fitting, we couldn’t even stay up late and spend some quality time together, we had to fall asleep!!!  Oh, well it is what it is, such is getting older…………  


Sunday, 12/6/09 came without the rain, however the clouds and chill in the air was still around but as the morning went on it did start to get a bit warmer out………..up to the low 60’s.  

Since the weather was much nice (no rain) this morning I decided to go for the run that I missed yesterday, but first I had a big breakfast of scambled eggs, whole wheat toast with a little butter & raspberry jelly, a slice of melon and a side of orange juice on the side.  


About an hour later I ventured outside all bundled up for a run.  I was planning to do a long (6+ mile) run today, however I was still a bit sore from my last gym workout (leg weights & fast run) that I did not feel quite up to running that long so I decided to just go out and try for 4 miles at the least.  50+ minute later I was back from my run, which ended up being a bit over 4 miles in all.  The weather was amazing and at mid-point I felt really good, however with about a mile left I started to get some “knee pain” so I slowed down and ended up walking that last few blocks as I didn’t want to push it.  Overall, it was a nice run and I felt really good after, despite the knee pain of course.  

A nice warm shower followed my run and then more laundry.  My daughter got home soon after my return, though she was really “run down” and had an “upset tummy” as well so she went straight to bed for the rest of the day in hopes that she would get some much-needed rest and feel better.  She said she had a great time……lots of swimming in their heated pool and fun Nick activities, but I think she also had a bit too much junk food and not did not get enough sleep either.  The price we pay to have lots of fun sometimes!  

Lunch ended up being left over Chinese from yesterday and was quite filling. 


I finally decided to tackle the Christmas Tree after lunch, so the hubby got it out of the garage for me and I begun the task of putting it together.  I got interrupted from completing my task a few times as my daughter got sick and I had a bit of cleaning up & laundry to do after that and then I did some dinner prep as well, but I got it completed just before 6pm.  =)  Isn’t it a perfect (fake) Christmas Tree!?!?!  I just love it!  I have had it for several years, got it on sale just for Christmas back in 2004 and I can’t say it enough what a great investment it was.  Typically, I prefer REAL tree’s however the past couple of years I haven’t been able to afford them so this came in very handy. 

Christmas Tree

Putting on the “lights” will be the next big task and then the fun part follows………Trimming The Tree with the family, most likely next Sunday!  =) 

Dinner was whipped up quickly, due to my earlier dinner prep, we had homemade hamburger, fries & green bean salad as I did not feel like cooking much else nor did I have anything else to make. 


We ended up watching the rest of the “UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale” and then hit the bed just after 10pm so we would be ready for the Monday to come! 




“My Knee Aches”
By Deb Dellapena

Follow this Q & A to figure out what’s ailing your knees: 

Q: Do you feel stiffness over the front or inner side of your kneecap, especially after sitting or kneeling? Does it hurt more walking down steps? Does the pain go away a few minutes into your run? 

If the answer is yes you could be having Patellofemoral pain, see [A] below. 

Q: Is the outside of your knee achy, stiff, or tender? Do you run on a track regularly? Does it hurt during long runs and then fade afterward? Are you training for a marathon? 

If the answer is yes you could have Iliotibal band syndrome (ITBS), see [B] below. 

Q: Is the pain in the front of the knee below the kneecap? Does it get worse as you run? Have you recently added more mileage?  

If the answer is yes you could have Patellar tendinitis, see [C] below. 

Q: Do you feel achiness under your kneecap? Is your knee swollen? Have you logged more than 400 miles in your shoes? If the answer is yes, you could have Osteoarthritis, see [D] below. 

[A] Patellofemoral pain can be caused by alignment problems, damage to kneecap cartilage, overpronation, or muscle/tendon weakness or tightness. You can run through most patellofemoral pain, says Robert Wilder, M.D., of the University of Virginia, but you may need to cut back on distance, hills, or intensity. (But be extra careful if you have chondromalacia, a form of arthritis that causes patellofemoral pain.) Strength training, wearing a knee brace, taping your arches or wearing an orthotic, and replacing worn shoes or wearing motion-control shoes can help. 

[B] Iliotibal band syndrome (ITBS) occurs when the IT band, which runs from the buttocks down and across the knee becomes tight and inflamed. Overpronation and bow-leggedness can also contribute. If caught early, you can recover in one to four weeks. Take anti-inflammatories one to two hours prerun, and stretch and ice postrun, says Irene Davis, Ph.D., P.T., of the University of Delaware. Reduce mileage, hills, and intensity. When you run on a track, rotate laps (1 mile clockwise, 1 mile counterclockwise). Tape your arches or wear orthotics. 

[C] Patellar tendinitis is inflammation of one of the knee-joint tendons. Tendinitis occurs when tissue breakdown outpaces regrowth, and is caused by increased mileage, hills (especially downhills), and pace. Running through tendinitis will make it worse and prolong your recovery, says Davis. But treated early, it can heal in a few weeks. Here’s how: cross-train, ice, wear a patella strap, take anti-inflammatories, stretch, and do exercises to strengthen the joint and quadriceps, such as leg extensions. 

[D] Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear of cartilage. The pain can flare up on a run or a leisurely walk, depending on the severity and your age. Good news: Moderate running is okay, Wilder says. Cut back on mileage, hills, and pace when symptoms occur. Consider getting new shoes after 300 miles instead of 400 to 500 miles. Include a good strengthening program that focuses on hamstrings, quads, shins, and gluteals. Wearing a knee brace and taking nutritional supplements of chondroitin and glucosamine also are recommended. 

After reading all the above I do not see one that hits my problem exactly!?! 

I am having pain in my left knee on the left side/back of the knee that I can really feel when I go up and down stairs.  I have gotten this pain before after “fast runs” and “long runs”, of which i did both this week.  It went away after a few days so I am sure it will this time as well, however I will keep a close eye on it.

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