Office Holiday Party

It is finally Friday, 12/4/09 and I am so excited as our “Office Holiday Party” is today from 3pm – 5pm!!! 

We awoke to a rainy & chilly today here in Florida with 80% chance of rain most of the day!  Normally, when I have to go to work I hate it when it rains, however today it is putting me in a the “holiday mood” as this is as close to SNOW we get down here…….=O 

Once at work I heated up some instant maple brown sugar oatmeal and added 1/2 a diced apple & some cinnamon to it for breakfast


I am not planning on having lunch today in light of my Company’s Holiday Party that starts at 3pm and all the “goodies” I will be eating & drinking there, however my stomach does not understand that logic so it started grumbling around noon so I snacked on the blow to hopefully hold it over for a few hours longer!  =) 


Just before 3pm we headed to our main office for our Company’s Holiday Party!  =)  Upon arrival I found my fellow co-worker/friends and then I head right to the drink area so I could get a class of wine for myself & them.  Afterwards I grabbed some food as I was starving.  Sorry I didn’t take any snap shots of what I ate as I was around a bunch of people in the main office and I know some would find it strange that I was taking pictures of my food, however I will give you a run down of what I ate below: 

  • chicken strip
  • 2 little meat balls
  • 2 mini Quiche
  • a teaspoon of cheese dip w/a few crackers
  • 3 shrimp & cocktail sauce

And, for desert I had the following: 

  • 1 slice of pumpkin bread w/pumpkin better & cream cheese spread on top
  • 2 chocolate chip cookies

Another 2 glasses of Merlot followed the above and by the time the party was over I was feeling quite “toasty” you might say.  What a fun time, wish we could do it more often!  =) 

I had to venture out in the icy rain to head back to my office for a bit before heading home.  =(  A few stops were necessary before I could go home…….pick up my daughter, drop her off at Girl Scouts, swing by the grocery store and then hamburger place for dinner before getting home.  I of course drove slowly the whole time as it was still raining a bit and the roads were very slippery. 

As you might have guessed we had Five Guys hamburgers & fries for dinner.  I only ate 1/2 of my cheeseburger and a few fries as I wasn’t feeling too good after all the food & drink I consumed above.  


My tummy ache stayed until bed time, so I hit the bed early in hopes of it going away!  I guess I am going to have to be more careful in the future of eating and drinking like that as my tummy is just not used to it or it was just something bad I ate, who knows.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  

Tip of the day will resume tomorrow…………=)

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