Lucky Day!

It is amazing what a little “down time” and a “great night sleep” can do!  

I was so happy to wake up without a headache, unlike yesterday, and to be feeling so much better on this Thursday, 12/3/09.  =) 

That feeling continued throughout the morning & day for me luckily, which was a bit surprising as lately something (or someone) has derailed that feeling for me but I guess today is my lucky day! 

Once I got to work I made a bowl of instant high-fiber cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal with 1/2 a diced up apple added in before nuking for breakfast


Hey, another “lucky” thing……lunch with a new co-worker on the company dime!  =)  I had one of my favorites, a nice big chicken salad with all the fixings and ranch on the side. 


Just before quitting time I grabbed a few things to snack on that included 1/2 a pear, nosugaradded blueberry yogurt and a granola bar


Than I headed to the gym and completed the following: 

  • 10 minutes of abs (crunches, leg lifts/ups & sides with ball)
  • 20 minutes of lower body (squats, lunges & inner/outer tight machines)
  • 30+ minutes of cardio
    • 20 minute “fast” 2 mile run (5.7-5.8mph f/15 minutes & 5.8-7.5mph f/5 minutes)
    • 10+ minutes of walking (3.5 to 2.5 cool down)

I did not arrive home until just before 8pm as I had a few errands and my daughter to pick up after the gym so it was a McDonald’s night for the hubby (daughter ate at my mom’s) and a leftovers night for me for dinner


I scarfed down the above, then took a shower, walked the dog, munched on some peanuts and hit the couch until just after 10pm when my bed called and the same for the hubby who passed out on the couch an hour earlier. 




The Real Reasons We EAT TO MUCH (continued) 

You Pigged Out—Now What?
Bounce back after a binge with these smart moves: 

  • Forgive yourself. “Having one overindulgent meal should not derail you from your healthful eating habits, while being too negative will make you more likely to throw up your hands in despair and overindulge at the next meal or several meals for days to come,” Elisa Zied, RD, says.
  • Give yourself a do-over. Immediately start with lean protein, veggies, whole grains, and fruit, and drink plenty of water, Zied suggests.
  • Learn from it. Think about what triggered your overindulgence—not to punish yourself, but to choose smarter next time. “If you keep a food journal, you might see you ended up pigging out because you waited too long to eat,” Keri Gans, RD, says.
  • Add on exercise. To feel in control again, simply tack on a few extra minutes to your regular walk, gym routine, etc. At the same time, “try not to think of exercise as a punishment for overindulging,” Zied says. If you do, you’ll grow to dread the gym.
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