Back On Track…..

……..weight wise that is on this fine Wednesday, 12/2/09!!! 


Unlike some, I do not mind talking about my weight at all, call it a “side effect” of an extreme (100+ pound) weight loss!  

So when the scale said 142 pounds this morning I was VERY happy.  =)  

If you follow my blog you know that is up “1” pound from last week, however compared to what the scale said on Black Friday (144 pounds) & Saturday/Sunday (146 pounds) over the holiday weekend you too would be happy to see 142 pounds!!! 

Ok, on to my eats for the day…….starting with breakfast of course, I had a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat again with 2% milk, minus the banana (my camera battery was dead this morning so sorry for the “duplicate” picture from last week). 


Lunch came really EARLY today as I was starving by 11am and managed to suffer through until almost noon but finally couldn’t take it anymore so I heated up my last bowl of Chicken Tortilla Crock Pot Soup with some crumpled tortilla chips on top


Than around 2pm to my “surprise” I was starving yet again so snacked on the below (1st snack around 2pm & 2nd snack around 2:30pm). 



I was planning to run at the park after work but I have had a horrible “headache” all day, had to stay a few minutes after work and the weather was a bit windy outside so I decided to skip it tonight.  The guilt of missing the run was bugging me at first but realized I needed the rest and I did run at the gym the night before. 

Once at home……which took awhile due to traffic, having to stop for gas and check my oil I got dinner done.  We had taco’s with yellow rice & black beans that I topped with a little cheese, taco meat, lettuce & tomatoes


T.V. and xBox time followed dinner, plus a very short dog walk as it was raining out and we managed to get in bed around 11pm tonight as well. 




The Real Reason We EAT TOO MUCH (Continued) 

3. You’ve got fatty foods (literally) on the brain
We’re hardwired to hunger for fatty, sugary, salty foods because, back when our ancestors were foraging for every meal, palatable eats meant extra energy and a leg-up on survival, says David A. Kessler, MD, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and author of The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite

So it’s not just a lack of willpower that’s tripping you up, but rather your outdated survival mode. In fact, when you eat fat-rich foods, your brain not only gets a signal that your body is satisfied but also forms long-term memories of the experience, according to new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. What once helped early humans survive is now giving us ever-expanding waistlines. 

Adding to the challenge to control overeating, the mere sight of food can cue up a craving. “[Cravings] are based on past learning and memories as well as the sight or smell of food, time of day, or location,” Kessler says. “You’ll walk down the street and start thinking about chocolate-covered pretzels because you’ve had them before on the same street.” 

How to get control:
Avoid eating your favorite treat if you’re in a particular mood, if it’s a certain time of day, or if you’re in a specific place; this will prevent you from creating a triggering link between those feelings or locations and that treat, Kessler says. And since the smell and sight of fatty, sugary foods is pure temptation, try to keep yourself from passing the bakery or ice cream shop you can’t resist. 

Also, pay attention to what you’re thinking when temptation strikes. “Once the brain is activated [by a craving], having that inner dialogue of, ‘No, I shouldn’t have that,’ only increases the wanting,” Kessler notes. Instead, focus on something you want more than that slice of cheesecake—from being healthier for your kids to feeling less winded when you walk to work—to help override the urge. 

If logic is out the window, indulge in healthier versions of your favorites such as low-fat frozen yogurt with almonds when you crave a sundae or a calcium-rich glass of nonfat chocolate milk when you need a chocolate fix. 

Tomorrow: You pigged out—now what?

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