Rain OR Shine


Well we woke up to a very foggy, drizzly & cloudy sky on this Wednesday, 11/25/09 morning and I was so happy that I did not have to get ready for work (though my hubby did, only a 1/2 day though for him luckily)!  =)

After the hubby headed out to work, I made some breakfast for myself and read some more of my December 2009 “Health” magazine that came in the mail box on Monday.  I was so happy to finally get to eat the frosted shredded wheat I bought over the weekend.  I had some with milk and a banana.


My daughter and the dog woke up soon after I finished my breakfast, so I took the dog out for a very short walk as she wasn’t enjoying the “wetness” outside, than I did some blogging, made my daughter breakfast and got ready to go out for a run. 

I intended on doing a 3 mile “fast paced” run , however the weather dragged me down as it was raining when I headed out and rained the entire time I was out so I ended up getting soaked and my VERY wet cloths & shoes did not help me in trying to run fast.  I finished in about 35 minutesCheck out my rain drenched cloths piled on the floor of my bathroom below!  =O

Of course a nice warm shower followed my “rainy run” and it felt great.  I spent the rest of the morning between the t.v. and computer, than at about 1pm I started to get hungry so I heated up the last of my chili, added some cheese & sour cream and got some torita chips for lunch.


Dinner was early around 5pm and we had taco’s and yellow rice.


Since dinner was so early I munched on a pear later in the evening and I also had a nice cup of hot chocolate since it was cool outside and a small bag of kettle corn that I shared with my daughter (sorry I forgot to take a picture of both).


A long movie took up the rest of our evening and we ended up hitting the sack just after 12pm.



In light of the impending holiday and all the YUMMY eating that come along with it (i.e. appetizers, drinks, main meal, deserts, left overs & the eating out with family and friends that usually follows), I have decided center my Tips for the next three (3) days around an article I read in my Health magazine called “Eat, Drink & Lose”!

Holiday Hang-Up #1:

“I find it difficult to get all my workouts in this time of year!”


Scale back, but stay active!  It’s OK to take a few days off if you need to.  But once you stop working out, it can be very hard to get motivated again.  So, no matter what your schedule throws at you, try to keep moving.  go for a brisk 30-minute walk, either outside (if weather permits) or on the treadmill.  For some no-fuss strength training, do 20 minutes of moves that use your own body weight for resistance, such as squats, push-ups, and lunges.  And aim for three to five cardio workouts and two strength workouts a week, but don’t stress out if you can’t fit them all in.  Just do the best you can and try to bounce back the next day, week or month if you fall behind.


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