Founder’s Day 10K Race

YEAH, it is finally race day on this slightly chilly and cloudless sky Sunday, 11/16/09!

My day started really early at 6am, YAWN, actually I woke up about 15 minutes before my alarm went off because I was excited about the events to come………=)

I quietly got out of bed in hopes of not waking my sleeping husband and headed to “empty” my daughter’s room, except for the dog who was sound asleep, and started to get ready.   

My Race Attire!

While getting ready I downed my pre-race breakfast, which was a Blueberry Cliff Bar, 1/2 a banana and a glass of water.

Sunday 11.15.09 - PreRace Breakfast

Pre-Race Breakfast

Here I am in the bathroom mirror just before I headed out to the race!  =)

Sunday 11.15.09 - Race Morning


Despite my best efforts I arrived at the race just 15 minutes before it started, so I quickly dropped off my fellow co-worker/friends race packets to them by the Registration Table and then rushed over to the port-a-potties.  Of course, everyone else had the same idea and the lines were long……I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get my chance to go before the horn sounded but I did with just minutes to spare!

F.Y.I………………I saw Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point ( while waiting in line and really wanted to go say hello, she told me too if I saw her, however I was afraid of losing my spot in line so I couldn’t and didn’t see her again!  =(

My friends husband was able to snap a picture of us just before the race started, don’t we look excited!?!?!

Catrina, Lindsay & Me


Here is a play-by-play of the race:

  • The race started at 7:30am, though we did not cross the Start Line until about 30 seconds after the it started as we had to wait for all the people in front of us to go.
  • As we approached the first turn we heard some music coming from a truck parked on the corner.  I cannot remember what was playing but it was great “mood lifting” music and helped us get into our groove. 
  • About a 1/2 mile into the race we the music disappeared and we headed into the residential area of Celebration, Florida and ran than past their beautiful Golf Course & Country Club (my Brother & Sister-In-Law just happened to get married, 10+ years ago).
  • Soon we settled into a good pace, about 11 minutes per mile give or take, which made it easy for us to talk while running.  A nice change from my usual “alone” runs, I swear the time just seemed to fly by this way….I really need to find a running partner!  =)
  • At the 22 minute mark we hit Mile 2 and our 1st water station.  All I could think was “wow, we are at 2 miles already” and I was not tired at all yet!?!  Me & Catrina walked while we drank our little cup of water and Lindsay kept on running…… she always does, GO LINDSAY.
  • Once we caught up to her a about a minute later we headed through yet another beautiful neighborhood with some of the most adorable houses ever, oh would I love to live in any of the ones we passed.
  • We ran, chatted, checked out the scenery and before you know it we were at Mile 4 and the clock said 45 minutes!  It was at that point that I realized we were making really good time and should cross the finish line quite a few minutes before I had expected too.  =) 
  • That is when the 2nd and last water station arrived and we once again walked while we drank our water but back on the road running and caught up to Lindsay even quicker this time as we didn’t want to lose time.
  • At this point we started to head out-of-town and back to Celebration Health (a.k.a. the Start & Finish Line of the race).  The views weren’t as nice, but we were still able to “chat” and were urged on by those watching the race, which helped as my left knee had begun to hurt at this point.
  • Then I started to hear some music again and realized we were close to the Finish Line!  =)  We all tried to step up our pace a bit and as we passed the Mile 6 marker, Lindsay took off and me & Catrina stayed together.  I have a hard time sprinting at the end and could see Catrina was with me on that one.
  • We passed the FINISH LINE at 1:08:54!  =)

However, check out the below for my exact statics:

Place Name Bib Age Div Place Gender Place Clock Time Chip Time Pace Hometown


LAURA 1153 32 60 354 1:08:55 1:07:54 10:55.6


So per the Chip Time we came in at 1:07:54 and ran at a 10:55.6 mile pace, which is faster than I was expecting to do so I was VERY HAPPY!!!  =)

After crossing the Finish Line I saw my mom & daughter on the other side and quickly headed their direction………unfortunatelly they did not see my coming and missed me crossing the Finish Line, but it was great to have them there!

All of us headed over to the post-race festivities and Lindsay got me a small carton of Chocolate Milk that she reminded me was great for “refueling” after a long race, so I quickly drank it up.

Lindsay, her husband & Catrina departed for home and then me, my mom & my daughter headed into town to visit the local Farmer’s Market that is there every Sunday and is really nice.

Celebration's Farmers Market

Then we grabbed a some brunch at a local dinner in town.  I had a breakfast burrito that had scrambled eggs and cheese inside a torita with pico, tomatoes and sour cream on the side (sorry no picture).

My mom headed home after brunch and my daughter & I went to the park for a bit and hit the swings, that is until I started feeling a little light headed and decided we should head home.

Once at home I took a nice long shower and then pretty much rested on the couch with my hubby for the rest of the day watching Mad Max & Mad Max II.  My knee did start to hurt more as the night went on so I tried to stay off it as much as possible. 

Around 4pm we had a late lunch/early dinner of homemade hamburger, fries & bean salad.

Late Lunch/Early Dinner

What an amazing day I had…….running better then expected in my 1st 10K, getting lots of quality time with my family & being able to relax for longer than an hour  or so for a change!!!  =)



Here are some reasons why chocolate milk is a great beverage for kids and adults, too. Chocolate milk is a sneaky beverage. How sneaky?

Let us count the ways:

1) Provides calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, vitamins A, D and B12, riboflavin and niacin.

2) The 2005 Dietary Guidelines encourages the consumption of three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy foods each day for those 9 and older. Chocolate milk is an appealing beverage choice for children because of its great taste. (Adults, you’ll love the taste – and nutritional benefits – too!)

3) Research proves that children who drink flavored milk can increase milk and nutrient intake without increasing added sugar or total fat intake.

4) Intake of sugar may contribute to dental decay, but it is unlikely that flavored milk causes this condition. Flavored milk components including calcium, phosphorus and cocoa actually may prevent decay.

5) Flavored milk is a nutrient-rich product for schools and wellness policies and is the most popular milk choice among school children. Since most of the flavored milk consumed in schools is low-fat or fat-free, its presence may be helping children transition to consuming lower fat milk.

  1. Jenny
    November 17, 2009 at 2:35 am

    Congratulations on your first race!! What a sense of accomplishment, not only to finish, but also with a great time! I am getting nervous about my first half marathon only 1 and 1/2 weeks away! Almost here…

  2. Lu
    November 17, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Way to go! Congratulations on your 10K. You did awesome. I love your chocolate milk tips.

    • November 17, 2009 at 7:53 pm

      Thank you!

      Me too, I give my daughter Chocolate Milk every morning as she will not drink regular milk (hasn’t since she was a toddler), so I was very happy to find those facts on it! =)

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