Race Packet Pickup (10K Run)

Yeah, it is finally Friday, 11/13/09

Luckily, it wasn’t a bad luck one, though some drama did occur at work that was quite frustrating, however other than that the rest of the day was nice!  =)

To keep with my “seasonal” Friday tradition I stopped at Einstein Bagel on the way into work this morning and tried to pickup a Pumpkin Bagel, but they were all out so I had to settle for a honey-whole wheat bagel instead.

So once I got to work I toasted up my honey-whole wheat bagel and then added some Pumpkin cream cheese to the top for breakfast.

Friday 11.13.09 - Breakfast


I was busy all morning and into the early part of the afternoon so I couldn’t get away for lunch until a bit after 2pm.  Once I hit the kitchen I quickly whipped 2 slices of high-fiber whole wheat bread with a little mayo, Boar’s Head oven-gold turkey, with white American cheese, romaine lettuce and tomato slices and a side of baby carrots and 1/2 an apple.

Friday 11.13.09 - Lunch


Soon after finishing the above I jetted out to the Track Shack to pick up my and my two friends/co-worker’s 10K Race Packet’s for the race this Sunday! 


10k Race Packet

I usually do not like the shirts they provide, however this one is nice and it is “long sleeve” so I might just wear it over a tank top as it is supposed to be a bit chilly that early in the a.m. on race day. 

After work I rushed to the Park to complete my 30 minute training run (my last official one before the race on Sunday).  I ran it at a faster than normal speed and ended up running about 2.5 miles in all.

Once I left the park I picked up my little one and made a quick stop at the grocery store for some dinner items and some wine (which both me and the hubby need after the week we have had) on the way home.

Dinner was another Friday “tradition” meal of, yes you guessed it, PIZZA!



After dinner came a some t.v. time, though there was not much on, so we pretty much past out around 11p.m.


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