Late Night Snacking!

After receiving a comment from Beth asking me if I had an “tips” for Night Eating I have decided to devote today’s, Wednesday, 11/11/09, post to it as I have recently been hit with the Late Night Snacking bug myself!!!  =O

I replied to Beth personally providing her with the “tips” I follow when it comes to Night Eating/Late Night Snacking: 

  • Always ask yourself if you really need it!?!?!
  • If the urge hits and you find yourself looking for something, try leaving the kitchen and do something else for a bit, 9 times out of 10 you won’t come back.
  • If you just cannot resist the urge try to eat something “healthy” like fruit or nuts!  I always keep lots of prepared (pre-cut) or easy to eat “fruit” on hand and “nuts” as well.  After I eat these I always feel full or satisfied and usually never come back for something else.
  • If you just cannot resist the urge for a sweet or salty treat, than have some and just try to eat only a handful or 1 serving size.
  • Last but not least, don’t deprive yourself!!!  Believe me if you do you will only end up bingeing later.  A good rule of thumb is 75% good, 25% not as good (bad) in your diet.  I myself try to keep it more like 90/10 on week days and 75/25 on weekends, as this works best for me. 

Onto my eats for the day:


Wednesday 11.11.09 - Breakfast

High-fiber instant maple brown sugar oatmeal with ½ a diced apple & a dash of cinnamon


veggie pizza

One slice of "vegetable" pizza


Wednesday 11.11.09 - Dinner

Pork roast with ketchup on top, broccoli, cabbage & 1/2 a baked potato


10K Training Program


I was scheduled to go to the gym tonight to do abs and 35+ minutes of cardio, however something unexpected came up after work that I had to do so I missed the gym!  =(  No worries though…I will be back on track tomorrow!__________________________________________________________________________________________


Late Night Snacking Picture

How to Stop Late Night Snacking

Americans are all about food and they love to snack. But sometimes snacking can go too far–far into the night, that is. Many people can gain pound after pound without realizing it comes from snacking when the clock strikes midnight. Snacking doesn’t have to happen late at night. Here are a few suggestions to help stop that after dark habit that can add a few inches to your waistline.

Step 1

Start by asking yourself why you are snacking so late. Determine whether you are eating because you’re bored, lonely or whether you’re satisfying a sweet tooth. Many times those are the reasons behind late night eating. After examining why you’re doing this, you can start to find a solution to stop your late night snacking.

Step 2

Take the snacks out of your house. This will leave you empty-handed when it comes time to munch a bit after watching those late night shows. When you reach for those munchies in the cupboard, you could find yourself grasping at nothing. After awhile, your mind and body will be trained to know there isn’t a thing left to snack on in the house.

Step 3

Drink your late night snack. Many people like to substitute hot chocolate or hot tea for their midnight snack. This way you still get the aspect of having a small treat but you aren’t snacking on junk foods or consuming all sorts of calories before bedtime.

Step 4

Eat a well balanced diet. An easy way to do this is to add more vegetables, fruit and protein to your dinner. This keeps your body satisfied and will fill you up longer. Plus, it’s a great way to start eating a little better.

Step 5

Keep on a schedule. If you decide to start eating dinner at six o’clock everyday and eliminate your snacking, then stick with it. Sometimes eating dinner later is a good way to get your nourishment in and then distract yourself with tasks to complete before turning out the lights.

  1. Beth
    November 12, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    Thanks…you awesome!!!!! That really helps!

  2. November 14, 2009 at 4:31 am

    I used to do late night snackin all the time but learned go drink it instead with yummy tea! great tips

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