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The Biggest Loser…..

……..well as I am sure a lot of you know The Biggest Loser was on last night, Tuesday, 11/10/09!

The Biggest Loser Logo

I used to LOVE this show and watched it religiously, however recently I have “missed” that last 4 episodes because honestly I hate to say it but I am just am not enjoying like I did in the past!!! =(  I find it has gone very commercial and that Bob & Jillian are different then they were in the past.  I used to always stick up for them when others thought they were to hard or harsh with the contestants, however I knew from experience (being 100+ pounds overweight myself in the past) that you have to be HARD on them in order to get through to them, get them to actually do the work that is needed to succeed and eventually change their mind-set!  Of course they are still hard on them but I think they have taken it a bit to far this season, even for me, and believe me I am pretty understanding and forgiving when it comes to things.  Also, like I mentioned above I find the show going very “commercial” these days as well.  I think in the past what they advertised was good and not to overwhelming, but now the show seems to be overrun with “advertising”. 

SO I am really sorry to say that I removed the show from my DVR recording list and have to say bye, bye to “The Biggest Loser”!

I am sad to see you go! =(

On to my eats for the day:

Breakfast was MutliGrain Cheerios with 2% milk, sliced banana and a glass of orange juice on the side.

Tuesday 11.3.09 - Breakfast


Morning Snack of two little slices of Pumpkin Bread with 1/2 an apple on the side.

Tuesday 11.10.09 - Morning Snack

Morning Snack

Lunch was peanut butter on a slice of toasted high-fiber whole wheat bread with baby carrots & 1/2 a pear on the side.

Tuesday 11.10.09 - Lunch


Dinner was “taco’s”.  I had one taco with taco meat, a little sour cream & cheese, diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce with white rice that I mixed salsa, corn and black beans and then topped with a little cheese & diced tomatoes.

Tuesday 11.10.09 - Dinner


After work I did head to the park to complete my scheduled run.  I was scheduled for 50 minutes, however due to time restraints was only able to do 30 minutes, which included a little walking before and after so I believe I completed 2 miles in all.  I love running at the park but I wish I knew exactly how many miles I was running in all.  I can’t track it like the streets that I can drive with my car and see the mileage.  I really need a Garmin!

Once I finished my run I picked up my daughter, headed home, took a quick shower, made dinner and then sat on the couch until bed time.  Me and the husband actually ended up watching this really cute Disney movie called “The Kid” that my husband had watched with his son when he was younger (the movie was made in 2000). 



In light of today’s main topic, The Biggest Loser, I have decided to share the below article I found with you as I feel the “tips” are good and one reason I loved the show so much in the past!

The Biggest Loser Success Plan (TUESDAY)

  1. Jenny
    November 12, 2009 at 11:38 am

    Depending on how big the park is, you could try mapmyrun.com. I use it to track runs through a few parks in GA where I live. If the park is large enough, the trails through the park are on the map.

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