Pumpkin Bagel, Friday! =)

YEAH, today is Pumpkin Bagel, Friday

I missed it last week so I was so happy I had time this morning to stop by Einstein Bagel and pick one up on my way into work this morning……..=)

Take a look at it with Pumpkin Smear on top, LOVE IT!

Friday 11.6.09 - Breakfast


The late morning/early afternoon was a bit crazy here in Orlando as I am  sure you may have heard about the Downtown Orlando Highrise Shooting that happened.  So my office was a buzz with the news and work came to a holt for a while, however around 2pm we started to get back in the swing of things though of course it is still in our minds and the people who were effected are of course in our prayers!

I finally grabbed what I had left in the kitchen fridge for lunch today around 2:30pm, which consisted of whole-wheat pita chips & roasted red pepper humus.

Friday 11.6.09 - Lunch


I tried to get some more work down in the afternoon, but my “mood” wasn’t the best after hearing about the shootings……went from HAPPY FRIDAY to SAD FRIDAY!  =(

Just before quitting time I snacked on Activia low-fat vanilla yogurt with Kashi Apple Orchard granola & a diced apple mixed in.

Friday 11.6.09 - Afternoon Snack


After work I headed to pick up my daughter and straight to Girl Scouts after that, then it was home a few hours later.  I got the husband and daughter Burger King per their request on the way home and then I had a little salad once I got home for dinner.

Tuesday 10.13.09 - Dinner2


After dinner we watched comendy central until bed time, which came early as we were all tired!


  1. Lu
    November 9, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Lunch is always better with hummus.

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