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Snacking, Snacking & More Snacking…

Tuesday, 11/3/09 started at pretty much the same as Monday actually……..and I am really loving the “extra time” I now have in the morning!  It is so much easier to wake up to now that the sun is actually up when I wake up.  =)

With all my “extra time” I was able to eat breakfast at home this morning and I had a bowl of MultiGrain Cheerios, with sliced banana, 2% milk and a glass of orange juice.

Tuesday 11.3.09 - Breakfast


I really love MultiGrain Cheerios, check out how good it is for you!

Tuesday 11.3.09 - Multi Grain Cheerios

Tuesday 11.3.09 - Multi Grain Cheerios2

I still had more to catch up on at work today so I got right to that as soon as I got in and did a bunch of snacking on the below while doing so……

Tuesday 11.3.09 - GS Chocolate Covered Raisins

Tuesday 11.3.09 - GS Chocolate Covered Raisins (inside)

Then I had lunch around 1pm, which was “left overs” from Sunday nights dinner……roast beef, cabbage & potatoes.

Tuesday 11.3.09 - Lunch


 More snacking continued after lunch………..and I left a bit early for an appointment I had, than I decided to do tonights run at a local park instead of at home mainly due to the fact that it would be “dark” by the time I got home and I do not feel safe running in the dark.

So after leaving my appointment I changed cloths in the restroom and headed to the park.  I used to run in this park in the Spring all the time and loved it, however I didn’t run outside much during the hot months and when I started back up again I just ran closer to home so it was really nice to be back in the park again!

Since I had to pick up my daughter within an hour of arriving at the park I only had time for a short “semi-fast” run.  I ended up being out for 30+ minutes and about 2+ milesI am not sure exactly as have no way of mapping the mileage in the park as the path I follow is not driveable, which is my usual form of mapping my mileage since I do not have one of those fancy Garmin or what not to do so for me.

Once I was back at my car I had to quickly drop off something and then pick up my daughter.  We arrived home just after 6pm and I cannot tell you how nice it was to not have to rush out for my run and just be able to get dinner started and then shower while it was cooking……..=)

Dinner was a bit different from our normal during the week, we had BBQ chicken wings with asparagus, corn and fries (daughter had white rice).

Tuesday 11.3.09 - Dinner


So to keep with today’s THEME of snacking I have decided to share with you the below article for the  TIP OF THE DAY that I read earlier and thought was right on as I have used many of these “tips” and know for a fact that they work!

Smarter Office Snacking


  1. November 5, 2009 at 3:10 am

    oh my gosh i never new girl scouts sold those chocolate covered raisins! I was a girl scout up until 8th grade can you believe it?!? Had so many fun times at camp outs, making crafts, and stuff.

    Thanks for sharing those cheerios stats! I never knew how great they were!!! That’s amazing 🙂

    • November 5, 2009 at 4:05 pm

      Yeah the Nuts & Candy thing is a new Fall Fundraiser for them that yields more $$$ for the “troop” directly then the cookies that we only get a few pennies for every box sold. The stuff is really good as you can see! =) My daughter has been a Girl Scout going on her 2nd year now and likes it a lot, so do I, I always wanted to be one but we moved to much (Dad was in the military) for me to do it.

      Yeah, I love Multi-Grain Cheerios and 1 serving size is a Whole Cup unlike most cereals that are 1/2 or 3/4 a cup.

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