Time Of The Month!

It is a NEW week & month and I am so hoping both are better than last week & month…………..keeping my fingers crossed!  =)

My Monday, 11/2/09 started off good despite still being slightly off from the time change.  I woke up early and actually had tons of time to get ready for the day, which was a very nice change for me.  I think I am actually going to continue getting up a bit (15 minutes) earlier everyday from now on as it really makes a difference for me.

Once at work I made my go to breakfast of high fiber cinnamon instant oatmeal with a dash of ground flax seed and 1/2 a diced apple mixed in before nuking.

Monday 11.2.09 - Breakfast


My day was busy catching up on stuff that I couldn’t get to last week.  I finally breaked for lunch around 2pm and had two slices of high fiber whole wheat bread with tuna, mayo, lettuce & tomato and a side of baby carrots and a pickles.

Monday 11.2.09 - Lunch


The day seemed to drag and I assume it was because it felt later than it was all day (due to the time change), but 5pm finally arrived and I headed straight for the gym!

Tonights gym visit was a SHORT one as I had a few things to do after and needed to get home at a decent time as dinner needed to be made, so I just did the following quickly:

  • 15 Minutes of Abs
  • 30 Minutes of Cardio

When I finally got home I prepared my families favorite spaghetti for dinner along with a side salad.

Tuesday 10.13.09 - Dinner1


Tuesday 10.13.09 - Dinner2


After dinner I snacked on the following from my daughter’s Halloween Candy & Girl Scout fundraiser items we just picked up today.

Monday 11.2.09 - Twix

Monday 11.2.09 - GS Cranberry Mix

As you can see I was in quite a snacking mood “tonigh” as my Time Of The Month started today and I always tend to snack more and get more cravings during this time as I am sure many woman can relate to! 

In fact I going to stay on topic with the below, as I read this article earlier in the month and thought it was right on (at least for me). 


Monday 11.2.09 - Best Workouts, Period

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