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All Drained!

My LOW feeling is gone, however now I am ALL DRAINED on this Thursday, 10/29/09!

Luckily, the weekend is almost here and I can hopefully get some much-needed rest & relaxation……..plus a bit of fun too!  =)

The day started way to early for me as my “brain” switched on about an hour earlier then it needed to so I pretty much laid in bed with it buzzing for a long time until finally I just got out of bed about 15 minutes early, hey it did help me from being late today!

Once at work I quickly grabbed breakfast and a cup of coffee.  I had a small piece of Publix breakfast bread that I toasted and added some butter too and a banana.

Thursday 10.29.09 - Breakfast


The morning flew by as I had a ton of work to do and just after noon my boss said she was treating us (me and the auditor) to lunch so I got a huge chicken salad full of protein & veggies, which was such a nice change from the “sandwich” I have been having for so long now!

Thursday 10.29.09 - Lunch


I took a little break and read the news online while I ate the above and then got back to work after I finished.  Just before quitting time I grabbed a late afternoon snack of Activia Low-Fat Vanilla yogurt with a few diced pieces of apple and Kashi’s Apple Orchard granola mixed in.

Thursday 10.29.09 - Late Snack

Late Afternoon Snack

After work I picked up my daughter and headed straight home as I really needed some DOWN TIME tonight!  I swear I “yawned” a million times during the final hour of work.

I was scheduled to do a 50 minute, 4+ mile run tonight, however after the Not So Great week I decided to skip it and get some rest instead!  I usually hate to do this….as I always get “guilty feeling” if I miss a run or trip to the gym, but I just had to tonight!

Dinner ended up being taco’s for my daughter, a burrito for the hubby and a quesadilla for me.  I cut up red & green peppers, then onions and sauted them in some olive oil, set them aside and took a fat-free tortilla and placed it in a hot pan that I wiped down with olive oil prior to heating.  Then I put some cheese on top of it and added the veggies next and put another tortilla on top and flipped it back and forth a few times until done.  It was yummy, just what I was craving……

Thursday 10.29.09 - Dinner


The rest of the night was spent watching t.v. and relaxing!


This week has not been the best as I am sure you have figured and the end of the week was VERY BUSY as well.  I promise next week will be better and my posts will be more regular going forward as well because this crazy month will finally be OVER!  =)

  1. Lu
    November 2, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Your lunch looks great. I love a nice big veggie-filled salad. Yum.

  2. Lu
    November 2, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Oh, and I’m happy you are low anymore.

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