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Feeling pretty low….=(

I really do not like to start a post on a LOW note……..however my Tuesday, 10/27/09 was pretty much that way so I unfortunately cannot hide it!  =(

Now, my day did not start with me feeling very low, but as the day progressed the feeling developed and hit me right after work!

Here is how my day went…………

  • Woke up. 
  • Got ready for work. 
  • Woke up my daughter and made sure she got herself ready for school. 
  • Made breakfast for my daughter. 
  • Packed her snack and made my husbands lunch. 
  • Cleaned up. 
  • Then we left for the bus stop and soon after I was on the road to work. 
  • I actually got to work early too. 
  • Made my breakfast, which consisted of a slice of toasted Publix breakfast bread and 1/2 a banana with a cup of coffee that I added my “yummy” Pumpkin Spice cream (not shown) too.
Tuesday 10.27.09 - Breakfast


  • Attended a staff meeting for almost an hour.
  • Snuck in a little blogging & a post.
  • Tackled some last-minute things that had to be done before our “audit” on Thursday.
  • Had two slices of high fiber whole wheat bread with tuna, lettuce, tomato with 1/2 a pear, baby carrots & a pickle on the side for lunch just after 2pm.
Tuesday 10.27.09 - Lunch


  • Worked, worked & worked some more
  • Was able to grab a late snack of Activia Low-Fat Vanilla yogurt with Kashi Apple Orchard Granola & some ground up flax seed all mixed together right before it was time to go home.
Tuesday 10.27.09 - Late Snack

Late Snack

  • Left work and this is where my LOW moment came!  =(  See this has been a very tough month for me both personally and professionally and I think it just all came to head today……as I begun to cry and couldn’t stop!  Luckily I was able to get it under control by the time I picked my daughter, however she of course noticed and was so sweet…….kept telling me she loved me and was being extra nice (usually she is a bit crappy and tired when I pick her up as she has a pretty long school days) so that helped a lot!
  • Arrived home.
  • Put things away.
  • Started to change into my running attire (though I will admit I did not want to go in the least bit) and wouldn’t you know it started to POUR outside (just my luck)!
  • So I went down stairs and started dinner that needed to cook for an hour+ instead, but then the rain stopped and I made the decision to go for a “short” run as it was starting to get a bit dark outside.
  • Ran a semi-fast 2 miles in about 20+ minutes outside on the wet sidewalks in the very humid & grey sky weather.  Despite not wanting to go I felt much better after I ran as I expected I would….running always de-stresses me or makes me feel better in general!!!
  • Took a quick shower after my run.
  • Finished making dinner.
  • We dinned on marinated pork loin, baked potatoes and broccoli.  I only ate about 1/2 of the below, as I just was not that hungry.
Tuesday 10.27.09 - Dinner


  • Cleaned up.
  • My daughter then asked if she could have a “snack” after dinner.  I am ok with that as long as she finishes all her dinner, which she did, so I said OK and you will never guess what she picked out of all the options (ice cream, to chocolate, to candy, etc.)!!?!?!  She picked a chocolate chip granola bar with 1/2 a banana, commenting as she picked them that they were “healthy choices”, can you believe that???  Right out of a 9 years olds mouth!  WOW!  I was so surprised, happily surprised of course.  My LOW mood quickly changed after that as you might have expected!  =)
Tuesday 10.27.09 - Daughters Snack

My Daughter's "Healthy" Snack!

  • A little computer time and then lots of t.v. time followed dinner.  I watched Chopped and then some Halloween specials.
  • Bed called around midnight when I was finally able to get my mind to stop “going” and finally rest!
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  1. Jenny
    October 29, 2009 at 12:50 am

    Sorry to hear you had a bad day! I think we all need a good cry to let out all that emotion once in a while. The last time I had that moment my 2 year old patted on the leg and told me it would be ok. Children are so sweet sometimes!! I hope things are looking up for you!!

  2. October 29, 2009 at 3:04 am

    I hope you’re doing better! Remember tomorrow is a brand new day 🙂

    That yogurt and granola mixture looks sooo good. Chopped is such an addicting show. Gotta love The Food Network

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