Loving the weather…….

………..on Sunday, 10/25/09, yes it is still a bit warmer then it should be for this time of year here in Florida, however I am not complaining in the slightest and I am loving what we do have right now!  =)Today I slept until almost 9am as my husband got up early and walked the dog so I could sleep in, once I awoke, I felt very rested so I popped up and started my chores for the day, which were laundry & mopping the floors

Then I started in on the usual BIG breakfast Sunday, which consisted of the following today:

  • Omelet full of lots of veggies (green peppers, mushrooms & onions) with a few pieces of crumbled up bacon & some cheese.
Omelet (Prep 1)

Omelet (Prep 1)

Sunday 10.25.09 - Omelet2

Omelet (Prep 2)

Sunday 10.25.09 - Omelet3

Omelet (Prep 3)

Sunday 10.25.09 - Omelet4

Omelet (Prep 4)

Sunday 10.25.09 - Omelet5

Omelet (Prep 5)

  • A piece of Publix breakfast bread, that I toasted and added some butter too.

Sunday 10.25.09 - Breakfast Bread1 

Sunday 10.25.09 - Breakfast Bread2
  •  A slice of melon (that I later cut up) and a glass of orange juice.

Thursday - Early Breakfast

  Here it all is together:

    Sunday 10.25.09 - Breakfast

    BIG "Sunday" Breakfast

The above was not finished and eaten until almost 11am as it took me forever to make and I kept getting interrupted with other things……..however I finally got to eat it and was very satisfied, I love omelets and they always keep you full for a long time.  After cleaning everything up I decided to take on the HUGE task of cleaning my car that had not been cleaned since September…..=O….and was very dirty with tons of tree dust, little leaves and pollen all over it (inside & out).  When I told my husband of my plans he “graciously” offered to help, which I of course accepted.  

We decided to tackle the care in steps: 

  • Vacuum all the interior & rugs
  • Wipe down everything inside
  • Armorall all leather interior
  • Windex all inside glass
  • Wash & rinse exterior
  • Clean rims & tires
  • Towel dry exterior

The weather was amazing during the 2+ hours it took to do all the above, as a there was a nice cool breeze and clear sunny sky, that I kept stopping to sock in……=)

I cannot express how amazing my car looked when we were finished and how much “detail” work my husband put into it as well!  If I haven’t mentioned it before I will now, my husband is very detailed oriented and never does a job 1/2 way or slacks in any way at any task he tackles or attempts.   

Lunch immediatelly followed as my husband was STARVING.  I made him a huge sandwich with some chips and I munched on some whole-grain pita chips with red pepper humus and an apple while I made his lunch.

Sunday 10.25.09 - Lunch


A shower followed the above and I then decided to take some ME TIME and curled up on the couch next to the open back patio door that let in a nice cool breeze with the below.

Sunday 10.25.09 - Coffee & Magazine

I added one of my “seasonal” favorites, shown below, to my cup of coffee. 

Sunday 10.25.09 - Pumpkin Spice  

Sunday 10.25.09 - Pumpkin Spice2

 I love coffee, however I only drink it in the a.m. and I have been successful at curbing my former habit of purchasing coffee at Barnie’s, Starbuck’s, Einstein Bagel, etc……..over the years!  BUT, I am a sucker for “seasonal” coffee creamers and have vowed to try a different one every week or so through the end of the year in moderation of course.  

Dinner came before I knew it, why does time have to fly so quickly when I am relaxing!?!?!  =(   I decided to do a quick and easy one tonight and we had taco’s with rice on the side.  Which is a family favorite in my house! 

Sunday 10.25.09 - Dinner


Than later in the evening I indulged in some a small bowl of my favorite Publix Premium Peppermint Stick ice-cream for desert, YUMMY! 

Sunday 10.25.09 - Small Bowl Icecream


I have decided to ONLY have ice-cream on Friday & Saturday, in moderation on those days of course, as I could eat it everyday and finish off the carton completely in a week+ but my goal is to not finish the carton before the end of November.  I then will try another “seasonal” favorite in December.  Let’s see how well I do, my husband is going to help me! 


While reading my Health magazine today I found a little note titled “Give Yourself A Break” and thought it was very fitting with my Sunday! 

Here is what it said

How many times a day do you kick yourself for “messing up” at work or forgetting to do something at home?  Try this one change from Debbie Mandel, a stree-management specialist and author of Addicted To Stress: A Women’s 7-Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life, to stop blaming yourself for just being human:  


Become a healthy narcissist.  Duck out of work early to see a chick flick.  Say no to volunteering at school on Saturday so you can curl up with a good book.  When you put yourself first for a change and do something you really enjoy (like how I read my magazine & had a cup of my favorite coffee this afternoon), you get a relaxation response in the brain that halts feelings of guilt and stress!                                 

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