5 Miles Achieved!!!

My Saturday, 10/24/09 started just before 8am and with some sniffing at the door from Peanut who was waiting to be walked.

Peanut1 - Tuesday, 9.29.09

After a nice stroll around the block I came home and prepared my breakfast, which was a slice of honey wheat bread that I toasted and added some peanut butter and 1/2 a sliced banana too.  I also had a glass of water with it so I would be hydrated for my up coming run.



I then waited for my daughter to get home from grandma’s, made her some breakfast, put on my running attire and headed out for my scheduled 60 Min. “Endurance” Run…..a bit later than I hoped, around 9:15a.m. 

An hour and 15 minutes later, at 10:30a.m., I finally got home after finishing 5 miles in all.  The run was “ok”!  I felt I could have been a bit stronger but I was glad to have finished and I only stopped twice for a minute or so each time so that was pretty good considering I have NEVER ran 5 miles outside before.  I also made myself take the long way home in order to get in some extra mileage in light of my two “walking” stops.  Plus, I sprinted at the end of my run too, which is not something I usually do as I am always so exhausted by then but I know I need to get used to doing it for my up coming race as I do not want to look so tired at the finish line.  So overall, I was pleased and hope to do better next Saturday………….and hey, I finally achieved a 5 mile run outside!!!

Oh and I can’t forget I am 1/2 way through my 10K Training Program now, as I have officially completed WEEK 3 and have 3 weeks to go!!!  =)

A shower immediately followed my run as you might have expected and then of course my weekly chore of “grocery shopping” came next, which I quickly tackled as the husband had an appointment to get to in the afternoon and I needed to finish my shopping, get home, put everything away and make lunch before he was scheduled to leave…..giving me just over 2 hours to complete it all and lucky for me I succeeded, this time as I am usually always late

Speaking of lunch I had one of my favorites and go to salads, a Southwest Chicken Salad, YUMMY!



The rest of the afternoon was spent doing a little shopping, picking up a few necessities and then stopping by Party City to look at Halloween Costumes with my daughter.  After looking over their huge board of selections she decided that she would like to be a Charm School Witch.  Isn’t it the cutest!?!  Plus, it is right up her alley as she loves school and I loved the fact that it came with everything pictured, unlike many of the other costumes that they were selling, more value for my buck.  She even wants to get the matching green notebook the girl in the picture is holding.  I can’t wait to see her all dressed up next Saturday……

Charm School Witch

At 5pm we had a Princess Royal Masquerade & Not-So-Scary Halloween Birthday Party to attend for the daughter of one of my good friends.  We arrived about 30 minutes late as I completely forgot to pick up a gift for her earlier in the afternoon so we had to get one last-minute and then drive 30 minutes to her house, luckily my friend is used to me being late for her parties…….

I am sorry to say that in my RUSH out the door I completely forgot my camera so I was unable to take any pictures of the party & party fare!  =( 

However, I will give you a list of what I sampled:

  • Ham & Cheese Croissants (2)
  • Mummy Sugar Cookies (2)
  • Scooby Snack Graham Crackers w/Pumpkin Dip (6)
  • A few glasses of Punch
  • Small plate of Cake & Ice-cream

As you can see it was a pretty high carb/sugar event for me and I was quite full and had a huge sugar high during the party so I did not have anything for dinner.

Just a bit after 7pm we departed the party and drove home, yawning the entire way home as are sugar low’s finally hit us both, plus the long drive home in the dark did not help either.

I did manage to stop pick the husband up something for dinner as he was stock to the xBox the entire time we were gone and completely forgot to eat, however once at home I hit the couch and proceeded to fall asleep while watching t.v………….

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