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Mixed Up, Monday

My Monday, 10/12/09 was rather “mixed up” for me today, because everything was off schedule from beginning to end!

It all started at 4am when my daughter woke up with a fever…….=( 

I think the busy weekend took its toll on her.  The weekend was rather over scheduled from beginning until end and also very exciting so she did not get quite as must rest and down time as she needed, which made a perfect recipe for becoming ill.

Upon waking up at 7am I found my daughter awake as well and doing her “homework” she did not get done on over the weekend, however though she was feeling a bit better she still had quite a high fever and was not well enough to go to school, despite her desire too. 

So I stayed home with her while my husband hit the gym and upon his return I headed out for my “scheduled” 40 Min. “Easy Pace” Run for the day, which ended up being 3 miles in all. 

Again, it was almost 90 degrees at 9am+ in the morning so I was quite slow, but finished.  I feel I could have done much better if it wasn’t for the heat, blazing sun & humidity…………UGH, will “Fall” ever arrive in Florida!?!?

An amazing shower awaited my post-run, then breakfast of a toasted multi-grain waffle with peanut butter, a 1/2 sliced banana and a drizzling of syrup on top with a side of orange juice.  It was YUMMY!



Then I headed into work for a few hours as I had some things that had to be done, that took me much longer then I hoped as a few hours led to 3+ but priorities are priorities! 

While working I snacked on some of my homemade granola that I made yesterday and a FiberOne Peach yogurt. 

Snack Lunch

Snack Lunch

I bought FiberOne Non-Fat Yogurt this week as it was Buy 1 Get 1 Free at my grocery store and I am so happy I did as it is really low in calories, has “no fat” and high in fiber (5 grams per serving), check it out:

FiberOne Yogurt

FiberOne Yogurt (back) 

After leaving work I stopped at the store to get my daughter the following:

  • chicken noddle soup
  • tissues
  • meds
  • gummy vitamins

Once home, I snacked on some Tostitos & homemade mixed bean, tomato, onion & pepper salsa left over from the Octoberfest on Saturday.



Then a little while later I started dinner, which was chicken soup for my daughter of course, a burrito for my husband and a taco salad for me that was full of romaine lettuce, sliced red pepper, tomatoes, taco meat, a little cheese, tsp. of sour cream, and some torita strips. 



With everything cleaned up and the house quite as my daughter feel asleep ealry, the husband and I surfed online and through the t.v. channels until bedtime.


I have decided to dedicate today’s Tip Of The Day to a Nutrition Tip I found in my Cooking Light magazine while eating dinner tonight, as I really feel this tip will help in my “post workout” recovery that I am in great need of these days with my longer runs due to my 10K Training Program.



Fueling your body postworkout is important for recovery and development of lean muscle mass, according to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrtition.  Low-fat milk not only efficiently does that, but it also provides vitamins and nutritents not available in sports beverages.  SO DRINK UP!!!  =)

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