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TGIH & October!!!

Thank Gosh It Is Thursday, 10/1/09 and the last day of the “work week” for me as I am taking tomorrow off in order to run a bunch of errands for my daughters 9th Birthday Party this weekend!  =)

The 1st day of my favorite month, OCTOBER……started off great, with me awaking to a nice cool breeze coming from the “open windows” in my bedroom!

I actually got to work early this morning, which was nice as I knew the day ahead was going to be very HECTIC!

Once at work I quickly whipped up cinnamon & spices instant oatmeal that I added cut up pieces of apple to + a cup of coffee for breakfast.



My snack did not come until almost noon, seems to be a trend for me the past few days, just can’t seem to get away from my desk.  I only had time to grab some grapes out of the fridge really quickly, luckily they were very juicy & sweet. 



And, sticking with the past few days trend I once again had lunch late (3pm).  I quickly put together a whole-wheat Boar’s Head oven-gold turkey and white american cheese sandwich with lettuce & tomato and a cut up peach on the side.



I didn’t leave work until almost 6pm, because I had to get all my work for the rest of the week done before e I left because I took Friday off in order to get stuff ready for my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday.

Once out of work I headed straight to the gym and I did the following:

  • abs (20 minutes of crunches, leg lifts, sides)
  • legs (20+ of different weight machines that hit the quads, hamstrings, inner & outer thighs)
  • 2 mile fast run (21 minutes at 5.5+mph)

After leaving the gym I went and scooped up my daughter at my mom’s house and then headed home and had a snack dinner of whole-wheat pita chips, red pepper summer humus and veggies…….all out of the bag or carton (sorry I forgot the picture).

I then watched TNA Wrestling (yes, my husband loves wrestling…..he has since he was a little boy and still does now at age 39, I think it is cute) with my husband after showering and went to bed soon after.

Sorry this post took so long to get posted!  =( 

Friday was quite a crazy one and Saturday was a very busy one, stay tuned for further details on both days, I promise to post those soon………….

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