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Running Late, Tuesday!

For some strange reason my “alarm”, which is my cell phone, did not go off this morning….even though it was set (I checked)???  Who Knows!  So needless to say I got out of bed late and SORE (my body felt like a ton of bricks) on this fine Tuesday, 9/29/09 morning.

Amazing how just 1 week off from running & the gym can effect your body, huh!?!  I was shocked to be sore after just a 2 mile run and am afraid how I am going to feel tomorrow after my trip to the gym tonight.  =O

Once I was up and going, though slowly, I started to make some progress until the hubby woke that is and started talking and I became delayed once again……..so after that point it was a mad rush to get things done and out of the house in time to catch the bus, which happened to be running late too (by 10+ minutes) so all that rushing ended up being for nothing, UGH!

Of course the running late theme continued throughout the day for me, as the “huge project” that was due yesterday…..filtered in to this morning and then afternoon.  =(

OK, finally on to my Eats For The Day!

Before I left  home I had 1/2 of peach for a early morning snack and it was sweet & juicy, just the way I like them. 

Early Morning Snack

Early Morning Snack

Once I got to work I had my breakfast of “oatmeal”…..which I had my new favorite version of high-fiber instant maple brown sugar oatmeal with cut up apple pieces and some cinnamon sprinkled on top.



Then late morning (right before noon, literally) I had a snack of whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and sliced bananas on top

Late Morning Snack

Late Morning Snack

Things got crazy in the office during the early part of the afternoon so I literally did not have my lunch until almost 3pm.  Once I finally did I had my usual & favorite of course (sorry it is affordable & easy, but I know it can get kind of boring)……whole-wheat toast with Boar’s Head oven-gold turkey, white american cheese with a little mayo, lettuce, tomato and a side of baby carrots, 1/2 a sliced apple and a pickle.



Well, my late afternoon snack came quite late, like right before quitting time late (5pm), but I knew I needed to get it in as I haven’t had any in a bit and I needed some “calcium” in my diet, it has been missing for a few days.  So you might have guessed it, I had an Activia Light Fat Free strawberry yogurt with a little granola on top

Late Afternoon Snack

Late Afternoon Snack

After I left work I headed straight to the gym and I swear it felt like I hadn’t been there in a month, when it was only a week+.  It was nice to finally be back and I did the following:

  • 20 minutes of Abs (leg lifts, crunches, bicycles, plank & sides dips)
  • 30 minutes of Upper Body Weight Machines (back, chest & arms)
  • 2 Mile “Quick” Run in 21+ minutes

I left the gym feeling great as I had a really strong run in which I ran 5.5mph for the better half and ended by increasing my speed and finishing at 8.5mph!  =)

On the way home I picked the hubby up a chicken sandwich and small fry from McDonald’s for dinner and once at home I whipped up a small plate of red pepper humus, whole-wheat pita chips and some cut up veggies for my dinner.



Look who was saying “hello” while I ate my dinner standing up in the kitchen (as I was too sweaty to sit down), isn’t she adorable!


 My daughter arrived home soon after the above picture. 

Her grandpa (my step-dad) picks her up from school every Tuesday and takes her to dinner….it has been a tradition for 3+ years now and she loves it.  It also helps me get more time in at the gym and give my hubby a break at home.  I have said this before about my mom in a previous post but now I am going to say it about my “Step-Dad” I am very lucky to have such an amazing one as he!

My "Wonderful" Step-Dad (Dave) & His Grandaughters!

My "Wonderful" Step-Dad (Dave) & His Grandaughters!

The rest of the night was spent doing the following:

  • Washing my running/gym cloths.
  • Showering.
  • Getting the little one in bed.
  • Finally watching “Biggest Loser” from last week and starting the new episode that was recording when I finished.
  • Then bed….a little late, right before 12pm.

On to the Tip Of The Day, which goes with one of my favorite sayings……”Always Try To Think POSITIVE”!!!

Think Postive!

  1. September 30, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Congrats on the great workout yesterday. I took a week off from the gym over labor day to travel for my sister’s wedding. When i got back i felt like dying for the first 3 workouts. i also think my training was punishing me for not working out while i was gone. 🙂

    your step-day sounds awesome! i bet your daughter really loves that special time with him.

    • September 30, 2009 at 4:24 pm

      Yeah, trainers can be like that sometimes! I think a “break” is good for you. I plan to take more in the future. Your body needs rest too! Yeah, I am very lucky to have such a great Step-Dad and family for that matter. =) Laura

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