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Trapped In My Office, Thursday!

Well, the work week is coming to an end on this “Trapped In My OfficeThursday, 9/24/09

I was working all day in my office (with the door closed & ringer off) on that “Huge Project” that is now due on Monday……AHHHHHH!  Ok, deep breath! 

I was able to get a lot done on it and even though I still have a lot more do tomorrow I am feel better about it now. 

Of course, that did mean working late…..but since I couldn’t go to the gym for my usual Thursday night work out of abs, legs and a fast run (still resting after being sick) I had the extra time, not that I was happy about it though.  =(

I finally felt back on track and my normal self again today, which felt so nice!  I cannot tell you how much being sick throws me off, especially since I could not miss work (this week of all weeks) and still had to take care of my daughter, husband, the house, etc……….but enough already, SORRY, it is over and done with and lets move on.

I started my day with a nice breakfast of high-fiber maple brown sugar oatmeal that I added tiny chopped up pieces of apple too and cinnamon before nuking……it was really yummy and looked good too, don’t you think???



 I totally got my “appetite” back today as I was hungry a few hours after the above and had a late morning snack of kettle corn and grapes, though the grapes did not taste that great (got frozen and then thawed in the fridge, yucky) so I only had a few of them.

Late Morning Snack

Late Morning Snack

Then around 2pm I had lunch…..which was a big bowl of my 3 bean, beef & veggie chili……I finished what was left in my bowl, so no more until the next batch.



 Then a few hours later I had a late afternoon snack  of an Activa Light Fat Free Strawberry yogurt with a little granola on top.

Late Afternoon Snack

Late Afternoon Snack

Well, I only stayed about 30 minutes late at work as my mom completely forgot to pick up my daughter and luckily I had called her and found out or the poor thing would have been like “who is picking me up”. 

So I rushed to pick her up and then headed home, since this is my usual “take out” night due to it typically being a late gym night I did not have anything at home for dinnerso the both my daughter and husband had McDonald’s and I had a small plate of roasted red pepper humus, whole-wheat pita chips, baby carrots, celery & cucumbers.  It hit the spot as I wasn’t really in the mood for a big dinner or take out myself.



After dinner me & my husband starred at the t.v. until bed time (long day for both of us) and then went to bed.

So once again, on to the Tip Of The Day, which I thought would go well with my day…….”trapped in my office”!

5 Quick Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

In today’s world, many people work long hours behind their desk at the office just to make ends meet. Stress, convenience foods, and a forced sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on your health and your waistline. There are, however ways of combating the office-worker bulge. With these five simple exercises, you will be able to retain more muscle tone.

Yoga Poses & Equipment : Chair Yoga Poses

Exercise One – Side Stretches
To help whittle your waist and keep your spine aligned and supple, side stretches are excellent exercises to do at your desk. With your arms raised over your head or akimbo with your hands on your hips, lean gently over to each side as far as you can safely go. Please use caution if your chair is unstable or if it is on wheels. You can do this a few times on each side at several times throughout the day.

Exercise Two – Arm Raises
In order to help protect against carpal tunnel syndrome, poor circulation, and weight gain, you should do arm raises several times a day. There are different methods of doing these simple exercises: raising your arms straight over your head, raising them to the sides, or even behind you. Each method works a different set of muscles, and all will temporarily increase your heart rate, keeping your metabolism revving.

Exercise Three – Butt Squeezes
The easiest exercise that you can do at your desk is butt squeezes. You can even do them while you are on the phone or typing up a report. Simply squeeze and release your buttocks muscles several times. This is the number one exercise that will help prevent “office chair spread” of your hindquarters.

Exercise Four – Leg Lifts
Of course, these are not the type of leg lifts that have you lying down on the floor and swinging your legs around. At your desk, you can easily straighten your knees and lift your legs out in front of you. You can also march with your feet in place. This will exercise the large muscles in your legs. For easy calf exercises, you can raise your feet up on the toes and lower them. Be sure to use your muscles when you do these exercises for maximum effect.

Exercise Five – Stress Relievers
Many of the exercises already described here will really help to relieve stress of your desk job. However, there are some other great stress relief exercises you can do at your desk.

Gently stretching your neck, or rolling your head around, will reduce neck and upper back stress. Lifting your arms in front of you and bending your hands up and down at the wrist will help to relieve the stress of typing and help prevent carpal tunnel sydrome.

As you spend year after year hunched over your desk for eight hours every day, you may find your muscles atrophying, and your hips and waist spreading. Not only can you help prevent that weight gain and loss of tone, but you can alleviate stress with these five quick exercises. Exercising at your desk only takes a few minutes, and will do your body and mind a world of good.




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