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The Biggest Loser ~ Season Premier Tonight @ 8p.m.

The Biggest Loser Logo

This season they are bringing back old contests for a 2nd Chance, hense the title of this season “Everybody Deserves A Second Chance At A Healthy Life“!!!

*Don’t forget to check it out or set your DVR for it as I have, also check out all the new contestants this season online at the below webpage!  =)


I have seen every season of this show and TOTALLY love it, plus I credit it for keeping me motivated during my 100 Pound weight loss!  I learned so many vaulable health & training tips from the show.  I also could totally relate to many of the contestants “emotional” issues that ultimatelly made them overweight, which was my case as well! 

Now, of course I didn’t lose all the weight as “quickly” as they, as they are able to devote 100% of their day on the ranch to the pursuit of losing weight and that is not something “I” or most of the population can do, however I am a firm believer that if you follow the show you will learn a lot and find the motivation to do it yourself, just like “I” did!!!

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  1. September 15, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    I plan to watch this tonight. can’t wait!!

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