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A Day Behind (Thursday)!

Well as I am sure you might of figured by now if you have been following my “new” blog this past week that I always post a day behind, unless I have a special idea or what not pop up (like yesterday’s late post on “Just Add Water?”).  The reason I post a day behind is that I am a full-time working mom, wife, cook, runner, etc……..that keeps me pretty busy ALL day long so I really only have time to post once, possibly twice a day and sometimes not at all on the weekends, but I am going to work on that one!

So her is yesterday (Thursday)!

In the morning I had my “usual” for breakfast, which surprise surprise was high-fiber maple brown sugar oatmeal with orange juice I drank on the way to work, which was left over from my daughters breakfast in the car as we were running late!  =O

Orange Juice, 4 ounces

Orange Juice, 4 ounces

High-Fiber Mable Brown Sugar Oatmeal

High-Fiber Mable Brown Sugar Oatmeal

And, YEAH I finally had a “different” lunch today (yesterday)!  =) 
I was supposed to go out to lunch with my boss and fellow co-worker, however that was canceled and I was lucky enough to have lunch with one of my long time friends, Laura instead!
We visited a restaurant near both our offices that offers a variety of different lunch options from Chinesse & Mexican food, to a salad/soup bar and tons of different pre-made gourmet sandwiches.  I have tried everything and love it all but mainly stick with the salad bar as it is so good and of course “healthy”.  I ordered a mixed green with red cabbage and carrot slices salad and then topped it with hardboiled egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, beans, a few croutons and a side of ranch (in which I only used 1/2).  YUMMY!
HUGE Salad!
HUGE Salad!

I did have a mid-day snack, which consisted of 1/2 an apple with a table-spoon of peanut butter on the side and 1/2 a white chocolate cookie….that I  took a picture of but I forgot my camera at home this morning so I couldn’t download it this morning, sorry!  =(

After work…….I headed to the gym for my usual Thursday night workout out that consists of doing the following:

  • 20 minutes of abs
  • 20 minutes of legs (dead lifts, squats, lunges & inner/outer thigh machine)
  • 2 mile run & 10 minute walk on the treadmill

All I can say is my legs were TIRED after doing all the above, I am still feeling it today, dang those “lunges”, I do not like them but they are SO GOOD for your legs!

After leaving the gym……I quickly drove to pick up my daughter from my mom’s house as she picks her up from school every Thursday for me so I can go to the gym after work…….don’t I have the BEST MOM EVER, she has been doing this since my daughter started school, over 3 years ago!  =) 

Then I picked up dinner at McDonald’s (quarter pounder w/no cheese & small fry) for the hubby and Wendy’s (large chilli) for myself, my daughter ate at Grandma’s, and then headed home.  I arrived just before 8pm, which is actually early for me on Thursday night.

Wendy's Chili

Wendy's Chili

I didn’t eat my chili until after I showered as I was just to “sweaty” and couldn’t take it anymore, so that made my dinner a bit later then I would of liked but sometimes it happens and in light of that I just had the chili and nor crackers or cheese in it. 
On to the “Tip Of The Day”!
While I was walking on the treadmill last night I read this article in my “Shape” magazine that I just had to share, especially since it goes so well with today’s post.
is to declare your kitchen off-limits after dinner!  Experts say the evening is a prime time for bingeing, which can tack hundreds of calories onto your daily tally.  What’s more, a new study in the journal of Obesity reveals that people who ate 25% or more of their daily calories – about 400 calories for most women – after their evening meal were twice as likely to be obese than those who consumed less in the evening.  Researchers say eating before bedtime can cause you to toss and turn at night and lose sleep, which increases the levels of an appetite-stimulating hormone called ghrelin.
So next time you want a snack after dinner, try sipping a cup of tea first!  If you’re still hungry have a 100-to-200 calorie treat that contains protein and carbs, like nonfat milk and graham crackers or yogurt with granola & fruit, to help fill you up without keeping you up.
On to TGIF!!!  =)


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